Transportation for third parties is the service Castiglia offers to companies that are not themselves able to provide for the disposal of waste material produced as a result of their activities because, for example, they do not have the necessary and specific authorisations.

The management of such materials is carried out with professionalism, following the most innovative procedures, using vehicles that conform to standards, and in line with the applicable regulations.

Thanks to the constant and intense efforts of its own administrators, technicians and collaborators, Castiglia now leads the pack in the area of environmental logistics. It guarantees the transportation of any form of waste (loose, compacted, liquid, balled, etc.) thanks to a huge fleet of vehicles and the best equipment available.

Castiglia tops the list of companies in the sector, both in Apulia and in Italy, when it comes to transport capacity for special non-hazardous waste (category 4, class A).

Furthermore, through additional contractors, it is able to transfer non-hazardous waste, sorted or unsorted, from the pick-up plant to treatment/disposal plants, such as thermovalorisation plants, composting facilities, sorting centres, etc.

It is included in the National Register of Companies that carry out waste management as no. BA/604/0/S for the following categories and classes:

  • Category 4 Class A: collection and transportation of special non-hazardous waste produced by third parties, for an overall annual quantity amounting to more than 200,000 tons
  • Category 5 Class D: collection and transportation of special hazardous waste produced by third parties, for an overall annual quantity equal to or more than 6,000 tons but less than 15,000 tons;
  • Category 8 Class A: intermediary and commercial activity involving waste but not involving the holding of said waste, with an overall annual quantity that is more than or equal to 200,000 tons.

Air transportation

The convenience of being able to transport large shipments and cross geographic barriers has always attracted mankind. It is a completely innovative work strategy, a “combined” system of transport that unites the benefits of sea, air and land, making them available to the client in accordance with necessity. With its qualified staff, Castiglia aims to examine each specific need. The company’s organizational model allows us to work in full compliance with quality standards and regulations.

Rail transportation

Rail transportation enables Castiglia to offer low-cost, environmentally friendly services, ensuring affordable solutions for its clients. The presence of a capillary rail network throughout Italy and the EU allows merchandise of any kind to be shipped within a specific time frame. This type of transport is classified as green transport, and is, in fact, the most eco-friendly, insomuch as it reduces CO2 emissions by up to 70% compared with Road transportation.

Maritime transportation

The Mediterranean is increasing central to the international maritime flow of commerce. Castiglia places itself as the link “to and from Taranto port”, where it has already been on the scene for some time with port services and operations for its demolition and redevelopment. Thanks to the incentives that have contributed to developing the Ro-Ro traffic, we form an integral part of a new method of trade that goes beyond the limits between land and sea. Relationships with industry partners of international standing allow us to access a vast portfolio of clients and to touch the major ports.

Overland transportation

Over twenty years of experience and the company’s available fleet of vehicles suited to all types of activity provides the clientele with the best solution in quality and quantity for the required services. Wheel-based transportation is suited to medium/long distance haulage, but together with the operator’s expertise and the modern instruments vehicles are equipped with, it provides the means to conduct targeted operations within national territory.

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