Securing landfills

All safety measures for sites and landfills both exhausted or still operating have the primary purpose of removing and isolating the source of pollution, in order to protect people and environment.

As reported in the Legislative Decree 152/2006, according to the degree of contamination and the nature of the site, three types of safety measures can be carried out:

  • Emergency safety measures (ESM);
  • Operational safety;
  • Permanent Securing;
  • Securing landfill sites.

Over the years, Castiglia has gained considerable experience in SOA OG12 (VIII class, unlimited amounts) category interventions; thanks to a large and qualified technical and operational staff, it is able not only to carry out what is defined and requested by the client but also to propose innovative and ever-changing solutions upgraded with the best available technology.

The constant renewal of the fleet of vehicles and equipment, as well as the continuous updating with the main suppliers of the reclamation sector, environmental remediation and safety measures (such as HDPE sheets, non-woven fabrics, drainage geocomposites, biogas extraction wells, combustion of biogas, etc.), guarantee the best outcome for the location and its specific surroundings.

Management of structures containing asbestos

As a member of the Register of Environmental Managers, Category 10: Reclaiming of sites containing asbestos, Castiglia is authorized to remove asbestos and decontaminate any kind of structure.

More specifically, the activities that we can carry out guaranteeing safety for our operators and the structures concerned are:

  • Decontamination of building materials containing asbestos both in concrete or resinoid matrices (mostly asbestos-cement, better known as Eternit, for roof coverings, water and sewer pipes);
  • Recovery of friction or insulating materials (panels, cupels, paper and cardboard, textiles, sprayed materials, plaster, enamel, bitumen, glue, gaskets…), pressure containers, discarded equipment and other materials containing asbestos.

The company is able to follow both private and public bodies or companies from start to finish with competence and utmost care for the environment, offering services such as:

  • Inspection of the site with a specialized technician;
  • Choice of the best technology in relation to the type of structure to be decontaminated;
  • Drafting of the plan to be submitted to the competent local health authority;
  • Removal or on-site treatment of materials containing asbestos performed by specialized operators;
  • Loading and transport with suitable means to authorized landfills;
  • Drafting of the final technical documentation for the client.

Industrial dismantling

Castiglia has acquired extensive know-how in the field of civil, industrial, naval dismantling and technical support for industrial reconversion and modernization projects.

The activities, which may concern warehouses, asbestos structures, machinery, production plants and disused platforms, are preceded by careful analysis aimed at planning the demolition in every aspect, as well as studying the best practices to mitigate the environmental impact.

Throughout these activities, we are also committed to recover materials such as copper, iron, steel, aluminum, brass, etc… as much as possible, achieving higher environmental sustainability.


The growing attention to sustainability in the last decade has led to a thriving development of the technologies for environmental monitoring. As part of this change, Castiglia has always employed an eco-sustainable perspective in its services.

During the most critical operations, the use of advanced instrumentation keeps the environmental impact under control and allows us to identify and adopt appropriate corrective measures.

Our equipment include:

  • P.R. “NOVEX,” hexacopter drone, equipped with photogrammetric, infrared, and other six environmental sensors (PM10, CO, CO2, SO2, NO2, and O3);
  • Microclimate control unit (temperature, pressure, and relative humidity) and particulates pollution (PM10, PM2.5);
  • Professional weather station equipped with rain gauge, anemometer, wind sock, thermometer, hygrometer and evaporation indicator, barometer.

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