ISO 9001:2015

Cert. Num. 11878/04/S

ISO 14001:2015

Cert. Num. EMS-3372/S

ISO 45001:2018

Cert. Num. OHS-1896


ISO 37001:2016

Cert. Num. ABMS-74/19

ISO 50001:2018

Cert. Num. EnergyMS-281

UNI EN 16636:2015

Cert. Num. AG/PRD/20/106

SA 8000:2014

Cert. Num. SA-1287

ISO 39001:2012

Cert.Num. RTS-31/18/S


Cert. Num. 96381/7/00 - Cat. OG 1 Class. IV, OG 6 Class. VII, Cat. OG 12 Class. VII Cat. OS 14 Class. IV Cat. OS 22 Class. IV. Qualification for design and construction performance up to the VIII classification.


Integrated environmental authorization (IEA)

Cod. 5.3 of the Province of Taranto for special hazardous and non-hazardous waste management plants.Executive Decision No. 72 of 09/07/2012

Taranto Port Authority

Authorization for the exercise of port operations issued pursuant to art. 16 of law 84/94.

Register of Environmental Managers

Category 1 Class A
Sub Category 1 Class B
Sub Category 1 Class D
Category 4 Class A
Category 5 Class D
Category 8 Class A
Category 9 Class C
Category 10A Class C
Category 10B Class C

Professional road haulers’ register

N° TA 7853071/G

Castiglia srl Confindustria
Castiglia srl Beetaly
Castiglia srl Tree
Castiglia Socio Fondatore

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