Water and sewage systems

Castiglia guarantees to public and private bodies integrated management of water and sewage systems, as it is able to perform:

  • A 24 hours day inspection service, including emergency response, cleaning and washing;
  • Maintenance, both planned and in case of breakdowns, in order to ensure the functionality, usability and efficiency of the plant.

Our experience and flexibility allow us to act on:

  • micro-works = internal and external works in residential areas, such as urban networks, pipelines connecting buildings, drains and related branches, external and connection sewer pipes, manual and automatic grids for lifting plants, overflow drains, emergency drainpipe, protection grates and/or sluices and outlet drains;
  • macro-works = pressures, supply pipes, submarine pipelines, storage tanks, sewage lifting systems.

Water treatment plants

The purification of waste water involves a series of chemical, physical and biological processes.
Variations in the load and nature of the incoming water, temporary plant shutdowns and other events entail the need to perform ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

Thanks to its twenty years of experience and the varied and diversified fleet of vehicles and equipment, Castiglia is able to carry out the following activities:

  • Purging, bailing, cleaning of wells, equalizations, settling vessels, digesters and any other tank covered, uncovered, buried or raised;
  • On-site treatments for the separation of solid components from water or the dehydration of sludge using mobile treatment machines;
  • Loading and unloading of waste (sieve, sand, and sludge) in suitable containers, handling, and transport to authorized recovery and disposal plants;
  • Transportation of biological and/or liquid sludge by means of vacuum trucks or 30 m3 aluminum tanks;
  • Operated equipment rental of vacuum trucks, trucks with removable containers and with or without crane, skid steer loaders, mini excavators and motor pumps for by-pass activities;
  • Emptying and cleaning of the tanks in compliance with the D.P.R. 177/11 (activities in confined spaces).

Mobile centrifugal extractors

Mobile centrifugal, installed on containers, are the solution to any technological problem of solid-liquid separation.

Among the many fields of application, they are widely used in particular for combustible and lubricating oils, ecological purposes, chemicals and oil chemicals and recycling.

We supply units of the following types:

  • Pieralisi Mammoth 3 “Atex,” with specific construction features that allow its safe use even in potentially explosive atmospheres;
  • Pieralisi Mammoth 3, with hydraulic power of 85 m³/ h;
  • Pieralisi Jumbo 4, with hydraulic power of 60 m³/ h;

These extractors significantly reduce energy consumption, while the supporting frame and suspension systems minimize vibrations and noise. Furthermore, thanks to the remote control system, they can be operated safely from afar.

Pest control services

Castiglia is regularly registered with the Taranto Chamber of Commerce to perform cleaning, disinfection, disinfestation, rodent control and sanitization activities, pursuant to Ministerial Decree 07/07/1997 no. 274. These activities are supervised by a technician and environmental engineer in possession of the technical-professional requirements referred to in Article 2, paragraph 3 of the decree, appointed within the structure.

The possession of UNI EN 16636 “Pest Management” certification guarantees to public and private bodies the execution of high-quality services and the application of organizational procedures that allow us to constantly improve the correct management of infestations.

Specifically, the rodent extermination and disinfestation activities require coordination, from the preliminary inspection to the decisive pest control.

Alle technologies, products, and dilution percentages employed are chosen taking into account the specific species of weeds to be eradicated.

Each individual activity is followed by inspection and monitoring of the treated areas in order to calibrate our solutions.

Over time, Castiglia has acquired a wide range of cutting-edge technologies in the pest control field, such as the TERMOFOG sprayers installed on trucks, including the 4×4 type, in order to reach any kind of urban and extra-urban road.

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