Management of plants and other facilities

Global Service is an integrated maintenance service that Castiglia offers to industrial centers, Integrated Water Services providers and other public and private bodies to ensure timely and rational operations, maintain adequate levels of efficiency and adapt to the clients’ different and changing needs. The company has over 20 years of experience in the field and complies with the UNI EN 15628: 2014 standard.

We are able to guarantee scheduled, preventive or predictive maintenance, in case of failure or emergency, in accordance with the clients’ needs.
Having a single technical manager in charge of the maintenance of the plants ensures a more efficient use, longer and adequate conservation and valorization.

The exact knowledge of the assets and the availability of reliable and easy-to-use information are fundamental to ensure a high-quality Global Service.

In this regard, Castiglia offers a digitization service of plants and other assets, with the possibility of creating technical data through BIM modeling.

Industrial cleaning

Among the services provided by Castiglia, industrial cleaning is the set of preparatory work to achieve optimal maintenance of the plants and extend their useful life.

The in-depth experience and highly qualified workforce allow us to handle efficiently even long-term plant shutdowns in any type of atmosphere (confined spaces, interventions in ATEX classified areas) and at any altitude.

Our services include high-pressure hydrodynamic washing, cleaning and restoration of ditches, tanks, industrial warehouses, vacuum and storing of dust, conveyor belt cleaning, replacement of filter sleeves, cleaning of mineral storage areas, cleaning using remote-controlled equipment to to permit fully secure operations from a distance.

One of Castiglia’s strengths is our high flexibility. We adapt our operating methods, means, and equipment to provide the most suitable performance for each activity, environment and material.


Castiglia is authorized to handle all port operations on behalf of third parties, pursuant to Law 92/94.

Thanks to its specific equipment and an adequate technical and organizational structure, Castiglia is able to provide ships with the most important port services (unloading, loading, transshipment, storage, and handling in general of goods and raw materials).

The most important and complex activities from a technical-environmental point of view include cleaning and decontamination of ship cargo holds and of the conveyor belts in the port of Taranto.


Environmental sanitization modifies the pre-existing microbiological state both indoors and outdoors, since an often crowded environment can host numerous pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, a thorough disinfection allows to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases, acting directly on eliminating viruses, molds and yeasts.

Environmental sanitization involves the use of disinfectant products by means of specific equipment and is programmed and managed according to the different treatments to be carried out.

Castiglia is particularly active in the sanitization sector, having a huge variety of vehicles, equipment and products, as well as an active and dynamic structure capable of studying the best strategies and treatments.

In external areas (parks, airports, construction sites, roads, etc.), street sweepers and other vehicles equipped with nebulization and spraying systems are used. The solution is compressed and sprayed through nozzles to allow the solid part to remain on the treated surfaces.

Indoor (schools, factories, offices, commercial activities) ozone generators, ULV nebulizers, aerosolizers and backpack pumps are used. The preliminary phase of general cleaning is followed by the application of specific products that break down the bacterial load on surfaces and objects.

All the products, recognized by the Italian Istituto Superiore di Sanità (National Institute of Health), also counter the spread of COVID-19 and have a dual bactericidal and deodorant action.

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