Castiglia S.r.l. provides solutions and services for environmental protection and sustainability. We combine quality and innovation to bring forth the future in the ecological, industrial, and logistics fields.

We are constantly growing and up-to-date in waste and water supply management and maintenance. Thanks to our team of technicians and recognized experts, we design and execute projects for all the main SOA (Società Organismi di Attestazione, conformity attestation bodies) categories. We also further our commitment by performing environmental hygiene services, isolation of pollution sources, reclamations.

In 2021, Castiglia S.r.l. is pleased to celebrate its 20 years of activity, representing all the knowledge, experience and skills gained on the field. We regard this anniversary to be just a stepping stone, since we are determined to offer innovative, efficient, and high-quality global service solutions with the same drive and enthusiasm as we did in the beginning.

Our mission

Providing high-quality, effective, efficient services and skills in order to satisfy our clients while respecting and protecting the environment.

Our vision

A competitive company in terms of costs, flexibility, performance and quality, able to develop integrated solutions and specific innovative tools.

Compliant with Legislative decree 231/01

Castiglia complies with the Organization, Management and Control Model provided for by art. 6 of the Legislative Decree no. 231/01, inspired by the Confindustria guidelines approved on 7 March 2002 and updated in 2012.

The Organisational, Management, and Control Model (MOG) adoption represents an important step towards accountability and transparency in internal and external relations. It also guarantees to our shareholders efficient and correct ad hoc procedures to manage potential risk situations.

As part of its activities, Castiglia has identified reference values and general principles that employees and those who work on behalf of the company must adhere to ensure fairness in business and corporate activities.
In compliance with art. 6, paragraph 1, lett. b) of the decree, the task of continuously supervising the adequacy and functioning of Model 231, as well as updating it by proposing modifications and additions, has been entrusted to the Supervisory Body (SB) of the Company.

All members of the Supervisory Body meet the necessary requirements of integrity, professionalism, autonomy, independence and perform their functions ensuring continuity of action.

Read more about the Organization, Management, and Control Model 231

Code of Ethics – MOG 231

General part – MOG 231

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