Water supply networks, gas and oil pipelines

Castiglia meets the SOA requirements for unlimited design and OG 6 qualification, class VIII for unlimited amounts, which certify the ability to build, renovate and maintain the structures (complete with all related, complementary and punctual processing) necessary to transport gaseous fluids or liquids to the points of use.

We have extensive experience in the construction and maintenance of water conveyance and regulation systems, creating gravity or pressure pipelines with steel, HDPE, PVC, steel and stoneware pipes, as well as ancillary works such as the installation of submersible electric pumps for lifting wastewater in pressure pipes, construction of lifting tanks and technical rooms, inspection shafts, vents, drains and control rooms.

The company has always focused on cutting-edge construction techniques and machinery, on the know-how of the technical office and training of project managers. In this regard, we are also able to perform trenchless rehabilitation of sewer pipes by water, steam or UV lamp polymerization.

Construction, adaptation and revamping of existing facilities

One of the main company activities concerns the design, construction, maintenance and management of purification and drinking water treatment plants, as per the SOA OS22 category.

Castiglia has more than twenty years of experience in the purification sector, with qualified personnel able to identify the best solution in terms of costs and benefits for all the stakeholders involved, taking into account the specific needs to be met, services to be provided and criticalities on the use of existing operating units.

Whether definitive or executive, the projects are revised with particular attention to the linearity of the treatment chain, ease of access to equipment and technological units, quality of works and materials, the degree of automation.

Also fundamental is the ability to manage interference with the existing plant and the impact on environmental components (odors, noises, spills of untreated waste) throughout the work progress.

Civil works

Castiglia has always operated with efficiency and wide range of action. For this reason, among the various certifications and qualifications, it has also achieved the SOA OG1 category: Construction of civil and industrial buildings.

This category includes construction, maintenance or renovation both for public civil works (roads, hydraulic systems and railways, ports, airports…) and private ones.

In particular, the company’s core business focuses on:

  • Excavation, restoration and modifications of soil volumes in any kind of terrain, even in presence of groundwater by using embankment systems and well points;
  • River protection, water adjustment and land reclamation works;
  • General demolition and demolition of buildings with special equipment;
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance;
  • Hydraulic works (aqueducts, sewers, irrigation and water defense systems, gas and oil pipelines);
  • Construction works for energy production and distribution;
  • All related works in masonry and reinforced concrete.

Waste disposal and recovery plants

In line with its origins, Castiglia has environmental sustainability as its main objective, which inevitably also passes through the correct management of waste and the implementation of technologies that allow recovery, recycling, and sustainable growth in terms of consumption of natural resources.

This translates into the ability to design, build, maintain and above all, conduct waste management plants, i.e., the entire supply chain.

This is evidenced by the SOA OS14 category authorization, which concerns the construction and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of waste treatment plants, including machinery for pre-selection, composting, and fuel production derived from waste, including any related masonry work.

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