Included among the services carried out by Castiglia is industrial cleaning, precisely all the preparatory operations required to ensure the best maintenance of the systems, which contribute to prolonging their working life.

In-depth experience and a large, highly skilled workforce allow the efficient implementation of plant shutdowns that may take place over long periods, in any type of atmosphere (confined spaces, operations in areas classified ATEX) and at any altitude.

Included in the services are high-pressure hydrodynamic washing, cleaning and restoration of ditches, tanks and industrial warehouses, vacuum and storing of dusts, conveyor belt cleaning, replacement of filter sleeves, cleaning areas of mineral storage, cleaning using remote controlled equipment to permit fully secure operations from a distance.

One of the main advantages Castiglia offers is adaptability. There is no single working method used to handle operations, each activity is assessed, and the most appropriate methods, equipment and manpower identified with regard to the environment and the materials treated.

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